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Utility Service Protection Program (USPP)

The Utility Service Protection Program (USPP) protects low-income families from utility cut-offs and allows MEAP-eligible households to enter into a year-round even monthly payment program with their utility company. USPP equally spreads your Columbia Gas bill payments over a 12-month period.

When calculating this budget amount, your energy assistance (MEAP) grant will be deducted from the estimated gas cost, resulting in a lower monthly budget payment. If you owe on back bills, a special agreement will be issued on the balance. An equal monthly payment plan based on the estimated cost of the customer's average annual utility usage minus the MEAP benefit will be used to determine the even monthly payments for participation in the USPP.

Customers who meet the terms of their USPP payment agreement will not have their service terminated. However, if your service is already off, you may be able to use USPP to restore service.

Columbia Gas has current information on eligibility and program details. Call our Universal Services department at 1-800-537-7431 for current information on USPP.