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Fuel Cost Comparison Calculator

When adjusted for inflation, the total average residential customer bill is about 30 percent lower than it was 20 years ago.

Use this tool to estimate your annual heating or annual water heating costs in comparison to current and proposed therm rates, as well as alternative energy sources. To get started, adjust the price of your current fuel source to that of your local provider. You can also accept the rate that we have inserted as a place holder, which represents an approximate cost. Next make the other adjustments available in the tool to more accurately reflect your potential savings*.


*Pricing defaults are updated quarterly and are based on recent local utility prices for electricity and statewide averages for oil and propane. Natural gas prices are based on recent Columbia Gas of Maryland residential rates. This calculator will provide you with estimates of annual energy costs based on your inputs. Results are estimates only, and may differ from actual bill amounts. See above to view calculator assumptions.
Last updated: 8/28/2018