Save energy and money with energy efficiency

It’s easy to save energy and reduce your natural gas bills with our savings tips. We want to help you save in your home.

Home energy tips

Saving energy can help you save money, plus it's good for our planet. The savings could lower your bill and provide you more comfort in your home. You can start saving today with our energy saving tips for every room.

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WarmWise Low Income Usage Reduction Program (LIURP)

This weatherization program helps seal areas where heat escapes. It helps income-eligible customers who have high gas usage reduce how much energy they use. Call 1-800-537-7431 to learn more.

Have an emergency?

If you smell gas, think you have a gas leak, have carbon monoxide symptoms or have some other emergency situation, go outside and call 911 and then call us at 1-888-460-4332.