Employee Identification

Employee Identification

Always Check for Employee Identification

Be Alert to Suspicious Activity

Sometimes our service technicians need to enter your home to read your meter or to perform safety services. If one of our employees comes to your home unannounced, it's most likely to notify you of work in the area that might affect your natural gas service, meter problems, or possible danger.

Be alert to people who try to pass themselves off as gas company personnel or who claim to offer a Columbia Gas refund. Columbia Gas employees never deliver cash refunds or "rebates" to customers' homes -- all account transactions are handled electronically or through the mail.

Since you live and work in an area near our transmission or service lines, we encourage you to take an active role in helping us keep our pipelines safe, too. In addition to being aware of signs of a gas leak or digging along pipeline rights-of-way. Please be alert of suspicious individuals or activities around our pipelines and contact police if you notice suspicious behavior.

Ask to See Photo Identification

Our employees and contractors carry photo identification and will gladly show it upon request. Ask to see it before allowing anyone who claims to be a utility representative into your home. If you're still unsure after seeing the ID, please call us to confirm that the person at your door is one of our employees. Be sure to report any suspicious activity to the police. Most Columbia Gas employees drive clearly marked vehicles that are easy to identify, too.

Visit PHMSA for more information about the location of natural gas pipelines in your area.