Pipeline Safety

Pipeline Safety

Identifying Pipelines

How to Identify Underground Natural Gas Pipelines

Natural gas pipelines are sometimes identified by markers placed at intervals along pipeline rights-of-way. Markers display 24-hour emergency telephone numbers and might provide other identifying information. They are generally placed where needed to indicate the presence of a pipeline, such as where a pipeline easement intersects a street, railroad, or river and in heavily congested areas.

Pipeline markers are important to your safety. It's a federal crime to willfully deface, damage, remove or destroy any pipeline sign or right-of-way marker.

While the markers are very helpful for indicating the presence of pipelines in the area, they don't show the exact location, depth, or how many pipelines are in the right-of-way. Don't rely solely on the presence or absence of a pipeline marker. Always call your state's one-call notification service to have underground pipelines marked.